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Hello! Welcome to this little space that tells the story of an ordinary family living a slightly unconventional life. In 2011, we made the decision to move our family from Seattle, USA to Copenhagen, Denmark. Three years later, we moved from Denmark to England, currently located just outside of London. Although job opportunities, dual-citizenship and a bit of luck have played a part in our geographical repositioning, our course has been fueled by longtime dreams and a bit of courage to take the leaps of faith necessary to fulfill them.

We have a history of doing things a bit outside of the box. In 2001, we planned a destination wedding in Tuscany because…well…why not?

wedding in Italy

2001 Impruneta, Italy

In 2003, when most people we knew were placing down payments on their first home, we used an equivalent amount of cash to travel around the world for seven months. It was on that journey when dreams of living abroad began to cultivate.


2003 Stockholm, Sweden

However, we returned to Seattle and happily jumped inside the box to buy a home in an urban neighborhood and start a family. Eventually, that box started to feel a bit cramped, so we tried a bigger box in the suburbs and a bigger car for our growing family (a minivan). Something still didn’t feel right. We tiptoed outside of the box when we took our 10-month-old daughter to South America (where half of my family is from) and when the girls were two and four years old, we took our first family trip over the pond to England, (where the other half of my family is from). You might notice a pattern beginning to develop here. I was born and bred with a bit of a gypsy soul.

My soul found its match in a man who, although looks wonderful in a business suit, would rather have his toes in the sand while sipping a margarita, or sitting in an historical plaza with one hand on a cappuccino and the other on a guide book. We share an adventurous spirit and the ability to step outside of that box…or at least to recycle it into a box of a different shape, floating somewhere slightly outside a zone that is too comfortable.


2007 Bariloche, Argentina

He chased an inkling of a job opportunity to transfer to Denmark and within a few months we sold over half of our belongings to fit into a Copenhagen apartment. We lived without a car and each day we rode the girls to school in – go figure – a box (a.k.a. Christiania bike).

Photo © Fun Love Photography / www.funlovephotography.com

Photo © Fun Love Photography / www.funlovephotography.com

For three years, we were privy to the secrets of the renowned “happiest people in the world” but there were multiple reasons why our time in Denmark was ending and London came calling. In the summer of 2014, we made our second overseas move.


2015 London, England

So here we are – living an ordinary life in the silhouette of an extraordinary dream. Part of that dream is making sure that our girls have a broad view of this world. We spend a lot of time exploring the country we live in and travel abroad as often as we can. Ours is not a life that everyone would choose and perhaps you want to sit back and simply enjoy a bit of armchair travel. One of the greatest rewards has been the possibility that our journey might inspire or motivate others to venture a bit off course, if that is where their heart is pulling them.   

“It takes a lot of courage to release the familiar and seemingly secure, to embrace the new. But there is no real security in what is no longer meaningful. There is only security in the adventurous and exciting, for in movement there is life, and in change there is power.” – Alan Cohen

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  1. takcopenhagen

    Love your blog, and your story! I recently moved to Copenhagen from Vancouver, Canada to be with my danish boyfriend. Looking forward to reading about your experience, and seeing more great photos.

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