Why Off Course Bird?


The name – Off Course Bird – was inspired by our last name. Pronounced hawk-enson, we have never been short of convenient pseudonyms in our family. One day, I decided to look up what we might have in common with this wide-winged bird of prey, of which we find ourselves so often associated with. As I read about a hawk’s migration, I could not ignore the coincidence that its migratory path is greatly dependent on the direction it chooses. A gust of wind could either throw the bird off course or push it along in the right direction. This seemed like the perfect analogy to describe the life of travel we have embarked on. On several occasions, we have leapt into strong gusts of wind that have propelled us into challenges and new opportunities – often with few regrets and great rewards.


After all, as they say…

“Not all those who wander are lost.” J.R.R. Tolkien