Overcoming Peaks and Valleys

I shouldn’t be writing this post. My husband should be telling you about the 26.2 miles he ran in Liverpool last weekend, in support of Alzheimer’s Research.


Mile 10, Liverpool Marathon

I’m only qualified to write this because I was there, and perhaps also because I’ve completed a marathon before (albeit many years ago) and can vaguely remember the highs and lows of spending 4+ hours pounding asphalt. However, long distance running is such a personal experience. Each runner is so different and each race is so unique. So yeah…I can’t really tell you what it was like for him. I do know that the race didn’t go exactly how he had hoped. I also know that I am proud, beyond words, for what he accomplished. Not just the 26.2, but the training, fundraising and dedication that went with it.

Liverpool marathon

It was a very warm day…lovely for spectators, not ideal for runners. The girls and I had an app that allowed us to see where he was. Somewhere around mile 17, I noticed the dot inching along at a slower than usual pace, and I knew something wasn’t right. Later, I learned that knee pain (which he hadn’t felt in weeks) resurfaced when confronted with Liverpool’s many hills. He had to stretch and walk a short part of the course. He wondering if he’d be able to finish the race. Somewhere around mile 21 we watched the dot on the app speed up, and his estimated finish time started advancing.


Mile 25, Liverpool Marathon

A cause that was dear to his heart pushed him past the pain and kept him going during those last few miles. He had a couple of guardian angels out there with him.


Liverpool Marathon

At finish, Liverpool Marathon

If you donated to his cause, Thank you! He raised approximately £2,000 towards the fight against Alzheimer’s.



We were all excited to be back in Liverpool. We were there last summer and were blown away by the beauty and liveliness of the city. Last time, we were disappointed that we didn’t get to do the National Trust’s Beatles Childhood Homes tour. So we were sure not to miss it this time.

Beatles Liverpool

McCartney childhood home

beatles Liverpool

Lennon’s childhood home

No cameras are permitted inside, so I can only show you the outside of Paul McCartney and John Lennon’s homes. It wasn’t so much the homes themselves that were the highlight, but the stories that were told by our hosts. It was a lesson in post-WWII social history as much as a Beatles tour. John Lennon was born the same year as my Dad, so hearing about his childhood was a window into his past as well. Like my Dad, John Lennon was a fan of the Just William books and used to play in the woods with his band of ‘outlaws’. (My Dad would understand.)

Liverpool’s rough and rich architecture puts current-day skyscrapers to shame. I could spend hours staring up at the intricate details.





In complete contrast to the chaotic, gritty madness of the city, we drove through the Peak District on our way home. On impulse, we pulled off on the side of the road to hike up Mam Tor.



Thankfully, Brett’s knees were feeling better, but we realized it was a rather crazy endeavor on the day after a marathon. It was going to be a long drive home, so it was good for him to get out and stretch those sore muscles.

And oh my…it was breathtaking!



IMG_0086  IMG_0091







This month marks our 2 year anniversary of living in the UK. Thank you England…for continuing to impress us with historic cities and natural beauty.

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