Travel is my Day Job

Many (many) years ago, I graduated with a communications degree from the University of Washington. I thought I might go into marketing…or advertising…or PR…I wasn’t really sure. Eventually, I realized that in every job I held, I found myself daydreaming about traveling, so I figured I might as well work in the travel industry.


Horseback riding in Ecuador

Turns out this was a very good idea. I had found my people. There is nothing like working in an industry you’re passionate about, with people who share similar dreams and goals. I took a long sabbatical from any kind of desk job while our girls were young. When we moved to Copenhagen, I jumped back in by pursuing a masters degree in tourism. Focused on sustainable travel, I wrote my thesis on social enterprise within the tourism industry and graduated in 2014.


Trekking in Iceland

I currently work for GreenSpot Travel, with fun people who I admire and share over a decade of friendship with. GreenSpot is a social enterprise tour operator, which means we are a for-profit business with a social and environmental focus. We work hard to develop trips that leave a minimal footprint, give back to local communities and inspire meaningful exchange between people and places.

Chaps and ponchos in the Ecuador highlands.

Chaps and ponchos in the Ecuadorian highlands.

And yes, I get to travel sometimes. Although my husband and kids are my favorite travel companions, a bit of solo travel has been good for me (although I’m usually with a small group). I wear a lot of hats at GreenSpot. I work on marketing (which these days, means mostly social media), product development (which means I get to try out new destinations and create exciting eco-adventure itineraries), and sales (I talk to clients about the trips I create). I also write on Greenspot’s blog and provide travel photography from my trips.


Red-eyed tree frog in Costa Rica

I love my job, and not just because I get to work with great people and get to go to cool places, but I get to play a part in helping people fulfill their travel dreams. And I truly believe that cultural, responsible travel is a little bit like spreading world peace. Maybe that’s a bit sensational, but how else do we all get to know each other in this big, wide world?

Happy travels!